Vin Diesel Says ‘Fast X’ Is Paul Walker’s Dream Come True

Vin Diesel Says ‘Fast X’ Is Paul Walker’s Dream Come True

As the latest installment of the “Fast and Furious” franchise, “Fast X,” hits theaters this week, Vin Diesel took a moment to reflect on his close friendship with his late co-star, Paul Walker.

In an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Diesel spoke about how he and Walker always aimed to “make cinematic history” with the 10 movies in the franchise.

“It was always Paul’s dream for us to reach this milestone, and here we are,” Diesel said. “It’s bittersweet, but it’s also beautiful that we get to continue his legacy through this franchise.”

Walker tragically passed away in a car accident in 2013, while filming “Furious 7.” His death had a profound impact on the franchise, as well as his co-stars, who have continued to honor him in each subsequent movie.

Diesel spoke about how Walker’s presence is still felt on set, even years after his passing.
“Paul was the best of us. He had this way of bringing people together and making them feel like family,” Diesel said. “That’s why we’re all still so close to this day. We’re carrying on his legacy, and we’re doing it in a way that would make him proud.”
Despite the sadness that comes with missing their friend and co-star, Diesel and the rest of the “Fast and Furious” cast are excited for fans to see what they’ve created with “Fast X.”
“We’ve put everything we have into this movie, and I think fans are really going to love it,” Diesel said. “It’s action-packed, emotional, and just a great tribute to everything that Paul stood for.”
With special sneak peeks available on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” today, fans can get a glimpse of what’s in store for them when they head to the theaters to watch “Fast X.” And as always, they’ll be watching not just a movie, but a tribute to the enduring legacy of Paul Walker.