Cristiano Ronaldo Seeks Huge amount from Vegas case

Cristiano Ronaldo seeks $626K from woman’s lawyer in Vegas case

CR7’s attorney has requested compensation after Kathryn Mayorga’s lawsuit against the Manchester United star ended earlier this month.

Cristiano Ronaldo has requested over $626,000 from Kathryn Mayorga’s lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, for misconduct during the footballer’s trial for sexual assault.

On June 10, U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed Mayorga’s lawsuit against Ronaldo for sexually assaulting the former teacher and model in Las Vegas in 2009. She said Stovall’s use of ‘stolen, privileged documents’ from Football Leaks – a website that disclosed confidential information about footballers and clubs – ‘tainted’ the case.

Dorsey said Stovall’s conduct had harmed Ronaldo in a 42-page order ending the trial, which began in 2018.


Ronaldo’s lawyer has issued two court filings

Now, in the first of two court filings on Friday, Ronaldo’s attorney, Peter Christiansen, asked Dorsey to make Stovall responsible for the court costs and legal fees. The total amount is more than $626,000.

“Given Stovall’s abuses and flagrant misconduct, Stovall should be made personally responsible for ensuring Ronaldo is reimbursed for having to defend against his vexatious and bad faith conduct,” Christiansen’s request for reimbursement said.

The lawyer tallied attorney fees at between $350 and $850 per hour for nearly 1,200 hours of work. He also dwarfed the $375,000 Ronaldo paid Mayorga in 2010 to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Mayorga, on the other hand, sought over $25 million in damages, plus attorney fees for Stovall, before Dorsey ended the civil lawsuit.

The second court filing on Friday requested Dorsey seal part of the court record containing confidential documents.

Stovall and his associate, Larissa Drohobyczer, have until July 8 to file an answer with the court.

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