Cody Rhodes wrestled with Big Injury???? No Way !!

WWE Hell in a Cell results: Cody Rhodes wrestled with a torn pec against Seth Rollins

In the main event of the WWE Hell in a Cell event, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins faced off inside the cell. It was confirmed earlier by WWE that Rhodes has a torn pec. The injury happened while he was working out.

Rollins walked out to the ring with polka dots on his gear to mock the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes had a massive bruise on his chest from the torn pec. Rhodes delivered the Cody Cutter early in the match and it was already clear that he was in a ton of pain.

Later in the match, Rollins crashed through a table as Rhodes moved out of the way from a frog splash. They used other weapons, including a bull rope and kendo sticks. Rhodes did a lot even with the injury, including taking a powerbomb through a table in the corner of the ring. Late in the match, Rollins tried to use a sledgehammer but Rhodes countered with the Pedigree and almost won the match. Rhodes tried to use the sledgehammer but he took a cub stomp from Rollins. Rhodes managed to kick out of the pin attempt after the stomp.

Rhodes won the match with a pair of Cross Rhodes and a sledgehammer to the head. Incredible match.


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