When Randy Orton Will Retire ???? Here’s Answer.

Kim Orton On When Randy Orton Will Retire

Kim Orton has a simple answer as to how much longer her husband, Randy Orton, will keep competing inside the squared circle.

“For as long as he wants,” she told “Insight with Chris Van Vliet.”

This year marks the Viper’s 20th anniversary in the business, largely working at the highest level of the industry. While it’s unknown exactly how much longer he plans to wrestle, Randy has previously stated “I got another decade in me,” and his wife didn’t go against that idea. “Randy will be good until he says, ‘You know what, I don’t feel like doing an RKO anymore,’” she said.

Throughout Randy’s career, he’s been heavily associated with his greatest rival, John Cena, as the two men made their way into wrestling side-by-side. From being in the same class at Ohio Valley Wrestling to competing in countless matches against one another on the main roster, Orton and Cena have always been two sides of the same coin, and have often been compared to one another in terms of in-ring ability and accomplishments.

But that isn’t the only comparison that happens. Kim revealed on the show that “people constantly will see Randy and go, ‘Are you John Cena?’”

“It’s the weirdest thing,” she continued. “I took him, first Halloween I met him, they came out with the Randy Orton mask, right? So he comes to upstate New York and I take him trick or treating. And we’re walking around and I’m like, ‘just throw the f*cking mask on, put a hoodie on, nobody will know who you are’ … All of a sudden, some kid stops in front of some lady’s house … and he goes, ‘Are you John Cena?’

“He lifted his mask up and he goes, ‘I get that a lot, kid.’ And he puts the mask back down.”

According to Cagematch, Orton and Cena have shared the ring in some capacity 336 times, with 123 of those being singles matches between them on television, at pay-per-views, or during live events. The last time they competed one-on-one was back in 2017 at a live event in New Mexico, while their previous televised singles bout was on “WWE SmackDown” the same year. Both matches were won by Cena.

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