Cristiano Ronaldo Is he Human?? Impossible Goals From Him.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is he Human?? Impossible Goals From Him.

Suddenly red shirts flooding back for Cristiano Ronaldo 2-2 and Ronaldo becomes the first player to score  well that was some stretch by Ronaldo to stretch real Madrid into the lead it’s an incredible header rob it really is even by his standards extravagances  Manchester united has to score they have scored inside six minutes it’s the player from Portugal who has hammered it in here in quarter and Hammond magic great feat.

Cristiano and now though that is stunning absolutely stunning he is still the man Cristiano Ronaldo for real Madrid what a goal there is still a lot of work to be done Benzema fed the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo and he we were talking about hat tricks about 60 seconds ago guys he’s got himself  absolutely we are witnessing an exhibition tonight and.

Cristiano Ronaldo has provided one of the best moments so far well once you see this it misses the angle as well from behind the goal look at the difference and that’s even better than his first it was simply unstoppable to think about it absolutely sensational he went through ammonia bid for pace and Manchester united Cristiano united has hurt Manchester united  it gets even better for Cristiano Ronaldo.

A shot of superlatives and David James might have been playing in the premier league since his very first weekend in 1992. he hasn’t seen many lost him i have to see him running it wants to destroy this lad look at that ball it is a totally unique way of striking the football at a dead ball then he can hit it so hard and gets it up and down so quickly and someone of David James’s quality this is the football world’s top talent.


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